Who Should Participate?

Business owners who find insurance programs too costly.

If you have found the cost of an individual or group health and dental insurance plan too expensive, a PHSP is ideal for you because you only pay premiums when there is a claim.

Business owners who already have insurance coverage but find it too restrictive.

Most individual or group insurance plans are designed to put limits on what gets paid out. But that doesn't mean they should limit you from obtaining the health or medical care you deserve. Under a PHSP, most types of health, medical and dental expenditures (including cosmetic services) are eligible to maximums not seen under standard insurance plans.

Business owners who have a pre-existing medical condition and can't pass an insurance medical.

Insurance companies usually require small business owners to pass a medical exam prior to issuing the coverage. There are no medical requirements for a PHSP. In fact, people with high medical expenses will benefit the most from participating in a PHSP.

Business owners who are looking for an alternatives to insurance plans.


Health, medical or dental insurance is somewhat of a misnomer. Insurance companies frequently assess your renewal premiums based on your prior claims history. Thus, the higher your claims, the higher your premiums. However, in a year where you don’t spend as much in claims as the premium charged, there is no refund of your over payment.

Secondly, insurance companies charge high fees to cover their overhead expenses and administration costs. While there are administration costs associated with a PHSP, they are significantly less than those charged by an insurance company for an insurance plan.

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