Contract Fee

An initial Contract Fee of $200 plus GST/HST is charged only once when the The Health Plan (PHSP) is established.

Administration Fee

An Administration Fee of 10% inclusive of provincial premium tax, plus applicable GST/HST, is levied against the claim amount submitted only at the time of a premium/claim submission. Thus, if there are no premium/claims submitted there are no Administration Fees payable.

Payment of Fees

The self-employed individual or the owner of the incorporated business should submit the Contract Fee when submitting the application.  As outline above, GST/HST must be added to the Contract Fee.

The Administration Fee should be added to the premium/claim at the time of submission of the premium/claim and GST/HST must be added to the Administration Fee.

Please refer to the claim form for more instructions.

Deductibility of Fees

The $200 initial Contract Fee and ongoing Administration Fees inclusive of applicable taxes are deductible as business expenses.

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